Apollo Slab Tech Worktop Satin Grey

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Apollo® Slab Tech Satin Grey Worktop

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Medium grey, peppered with small inclusions of varying tonesApollo-Slab-Tech

Product Code: SASTWSGB1


Apollo® Slab Tech solid surface Worktops

Apollo® Slab Tech acrylic worktops offers the warm seamless
look of standard solid surface with the added appearance of natural stone
Inconspicuous, unobtrusive and seamless joints
Simple to install with a revolutionary new glue that allows
the installer to remove the excess from any joints before it sets
20 mm and 30 mm solid mineral material
10 year limited manufacturer’s warranty
Finished performance tested by FIRA®
Polished square edge
Easy to repair clean and maintain
Thickness 20.0 mm
Material Solid mineral
Colour Satin Grey

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