Soft Close Cupboard Door Stay AirticLIFT II


Single Door Flap Fitting

Extremely easy closing combined with the soft-close function
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AirticLIFT II Door Flap Fitting Complete

  • AirticLIFT II allows you to raise the door front and hold it in the open position.
  • Built-in braking system.
  • Extremely easy closing combined with the soft-close function.
  • AirticLIFT II can be mounted on the right or left side of the cabinet.
  • mechanical lock allows you to fully open the cabinet door and leave it in this position.
  • The lift can be used with the Push / TipON / ejector system.
  • The template is standard equipment and is included in every package.
  • Extremely convenient installation, without the need to measure the distance.

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Weight 0.2 kg

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Soft Close Cabinet Door Stay


Guarantee 25 years


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