Induction Hob Touch Control 900mm Smeg


Smeg 900mm Induction Hob

Touch Control- Angled Edge Glass

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EAN13: 8017709199791


Hob Induction 900mm Smeg SI5952B

Touch Control Angled Edge Glass
5 “full power” induction zones including:
Front right: Ø 145mm, 1.4kW – Booster 2.2kW
Rear right: Ø 210mm, 2.3kW –Booster 3.7kW
Centre: Ø 270mm, 3.0kW –Booster 3.7kW
Rear left: Ø 180mm, 1.85kW –Booster 3.0kW
Front left: Ø 145mm, 1.4kW –Booster 2.2kW

“Suprema” black ceramic glass
5 independent boosters (P)
9 power levels
Visual display to show power level/ residual heat/
countdown cooking time
Simmer function
Melting function
Auto pan recognition & pan size adjustment
Protection against auto-start up
End of cooking timer with acoustic alarm
Automatic switch off when overheat
Child safety lock

Nominal power: 7.20kW
Supply can vary depending on usage, please consult a qualified electrician for ampere requirement

NB: Only pans with a ferrous (magnetic) base are suitable for induction hobs

Additional information

Dimensions515 × 900 × 64 mm


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