Slimline 12mm Worktops Iron Oxide

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 Slimline 12mm kitchen Countertops

Embossed matt, Iron Oxide has a deep texture finish
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12mm Slimline Worksurface Iron Oxide

Slimline 12mm Iron Oxide Countertops have a Slate Texture finish.
Same eye-catching Iron Oxide finish on both sides.
12mm thick countertops with a solid Black core.
Slimline worksurfaces can be cut and install on-site.
Compact Laminate is resistant to water, steam and cooking stains.
Abrasion resistance of up to 400 revolutions in the Taber Abraser test.
Resistant to an impact of up to 500g from a maximum 2m drop.
Slimline 12mm Worktops Iron Oxide treated with Sanitized® antimicrobial hygiene function.
Compact Laminate Worktops are capable of withstanding temperatures
of up to 220°C for ten minutes.
Tested to EN438 standards
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Iron Ore


Texture Slate


Compact laminate


10 year Limited Manufacturer’s Guarantee


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