Slimline 12mm Worktops Concrete Woodprint


Concrete Woodprint Slimline 12mm Worktops

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12mm Slimline Worktops Concrete Woodprint

Same eye-catching finish on both sides
Solid core
Can be cut and install on-site
Resistant to water, steam and cooking stains
Treated with Sanitized® antimicrobial hygiene function
Abrasion resistance of up to 400 revolutions in the Taber Abraser test
Resistant to an impact of up to 500g from a maximum 2m drop
Capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 220°C for ten minutes
Tested to EN438 standards
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Spectra Slim Worktops

Spectra Slim-Edge Worktops Designed to be used Day in, day out. It’s why they’re made of durable, waterproof materials .

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