Metis Slimline Worktop Black


 Slimline Solid Surfaces Metis® Black

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Metis® Slimline Solid Surfaces
Solid 15mm, ultra-thin non-porous worktop

Product Code: MSWB


Black Worktop Metis® Slimline Solid Surfaces

Solid 15mm, non-porous surface
Ultra-thin surfaces
Square 1mm profile factory finished edges
Delivered in standard sizes
Curves can easily be cut and finished on-site.
Highly Resistant to water, steam, stains and chemical products.
Seamless joints are both effortless and easy to achieve
Save time and money on your installation



Metis® Ultra Thin Worktops

Metis® Ultra Thin Worktops Manufactured by Sylmar Technology Limited. Metis® 15mm slimline solid surface worktops are designed perfectly to offer style and efficiency. Find out more at

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