Hot Water Filter Tap Blanco EVOL-S Pro

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Dual Spray Blanco Filtered Boiling Water Tap

Blanco Kitchen Sinks Pull Out Spay Taps
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Blanco Hot Water EVOL-S Pro Mixer Tap

Blanco EVOL-S 4-in-1 semi-pro mixer tap
Cold, warm and filtered cold
Blanco Filtered boiling water tap
Delivering exactly the amount of cold or boiling filtered
Intuitive measuring function
Touch control for improved efficiency
Separate insulated spout for
Purified drinking and boiling water
Both spouts can be used simultaneously
Taste neutral titanium boiler
Five-stage filtration system with DigiFlow meter
Dual spray Hot Water Filter Tap
Semi-professional flexible spout
Precise magnetic holder

Additional information

Weight 12.8 kg
Dimensions 5 × 19 × 23 mm



PVD steel


Stainless steel


Instant hot water Monobloc tap


5 year Limited Manufacturer’s Guarantee


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