HI-MACS® Worktops Concrete Grey


Acrylic Worktops HI-MACS® Concrete Grey

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Hard wearing and easy to care for HI-MACS® Acrylic worktops.
HI-MACS® Can be manufactured in sizes from 300mm – 1200 Depth for custom sizes Contact us.

Product Code: S103


Features of HI-MACS® Concrete Grey

38mm worktop thickness
Easy to maintain & repair
Warm and inviting to the touch
Capable of seamless and inconspicuous joins
Excellent impact resistance
Can be thermoformed with limitless design potential
High chemical resistances
Seamless moulded sinks from the Urban [colour matched] range
Band B
Up to date technical documents can be found at the manufacturer’s website: http://hi-macs-surfaces.co.uk/technical/


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