GROHE Blue Activated Carbon Filter S-Size


Activated Carbon Filter GROHE Blue S-Size

Refreshing and delicious tasting water guaranteed!

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GROHE Blue activated carbon filter

Designed for areas where the water hardness is below 9° dKH.
The three-phase filter
Capacity up to 3000 litres
Removes all unwanted materials and impurities.
First coarse particles as dirt are filtered out.
The activated carbon filtration refines the water taste by filtering bad tasting substances.
Finally the fine filtration captures even the smallest particles.
Simply unscrew the old filter, insert the GROHE cleaning cartridge (40434001)*,
Start the cleaning process
Replace it with the new filter.
Pure potable water straight from the tap!

BWT replacement filter for GROHE Blue systems
Upto 3000 Liters
for regions with water hardness below 9° dKH
3-stage filter
compatible with GROHE Blue Home, GROHE Blue Professional and GROHE Blue Pure


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