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Inspired by the quartzite  Dekton® Taga maintains the character of natural stone.
Hard wearing and easy to care for Dekton® Quartz worktops.  Transform the final appearance of your worktop, with a contrasting Edge detail.

Template &  Installation Guide
Preparation for Template and Installation:
Customer Obligations
Part of the process to manufacture and install worksurfaces is to “template” the kitchen, which finalises all of the measurements and specifications required to fulfil your requirements; to complete this successfully, we require preparation from the customer with the following :
Template Visit
During the visit the consumer and/or an authorised signatory must be present to discuss, agree and sign off the design and details of order.

A suitable parking position or permit must be supplied free of charge for Template, Installation and delivery of products.

We can template with existing tops or temporary tops in place, but certain criteria must be followed.

The sink, taps, hob and any other appliance which is to be installed into the worktop must be present. All manufacturers instructions must be present, also.

The planned position of sinks, taps, hobs, strip lighting, and any other appliance installed in the worktop must be finalised at template.

Gaps greater than 600mm require battening, and units which are greater than 600mm require battening in the service void.

When splashbacks are required, all items such as cooker hoods, wall units, sockets and switches must be in place for templating.
All alterations to walls/structures must be completed before templating. This includes
Important notes
Worktops and Doors reserve the right to make an additional charge in areas where congestion charges apply, including W1, W2, W8, W10, W11, NW1, WC1, WC2, SW1, SW3, SW7, SE1, SE11.
For all offshore customers, Worktops and Doors deliver to mainland portside only and additional charges may apply to these deliveries.
Also, the following postcodes may incur additional costs (please check with our sales office)
KW, IV41-49, 55-56, IV26.
It is not unusual for a fine layer of dust to settle for up to 24 hours after installation.
Maximum unsupported length is 300mm for all materials, other than apollo® Compact, which is 250mm, any overhang which extends more than that must be supported).
Templating is £180 net.
Standard installation is an additional minimum cost of £360.
A further cost may be incurred where additional installation time is required, our sales office will advise you of this cost if and when it applies.
When installing larger worktops (such as Islands), or installing worktops on sites where access is difficult, additional labour may be required. Usually, we can provide additional manual labour costing £200 -£400. In some circumstances, specialised mechanical handling or lifting equipment may be required.

plastering, boarding and skimming to all walls and reveals. Tiling and making good should be
carried out post installation.
All units including peninsulars, islands and breakfast bars should be fixed to walls, levelled and plumb. They should be in their final position with all accessories fitted.

Range cookers must be on site at template stage, including installation instructions and any specific requirements such as clearance gaps.

All end support panels must be fixed in position prior to template. Support panels must be used between two appliances. Cabinet doors should also be available for reference.

The construction of the kitchen should be such that it is compatible with the surface type and weight.

If the above are not complete or available, the Templater will wait for up to 1 hour for this to be completed, if this is not possible the visit will be aborted and an additional charge will be applied.

Installation Visit
During the visit either the customer or an authorised representative must be present to sign off the Satisfaction Note once the work is completed. If this is not possible the visit will be aborted and an additional charge will be applied.

All sinks and appliances must be disconnected and any temporary work surfaces removed prior to Installation. The installation cannot start if this is not complete and will be aborted, a charge will be applied.

If you need to clarify any of these requirements or to change any arrangements for the Template or Installation, please contact our Installation team.

Please note, installing cladding may result in an additional days labour, please contact our sales office for further information.
consult our sales office for further details.
Our nationwide team may be able to offer a managed installation service for modular blanks. Site surveys are
£180; with installation prices given on arrival.

Stainless Steel or Undermounted Sink Cutouts – Important notes
All sink cutouts will be manufactured as per the sink manufacturers’ specification, unless otherwise requested in writing.

If you have a display, please consult the sink manufacturers technical brochure to confirm the cutout dimensions as recommended by the manufacturer.

Silicone sealant may be rendered ineffective when plumbing the sink in, it is important that the sink is resealed by the plumber, or the 12 months warranty will be invalidated.

Ceramic and AXIX undermounted sinks require a support cradle fabricating by the customers kitchen installer/joiner, Sheridan will not install these sinks without one of these in place

Template & Installation

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Features of Dekton Quartz Taga Worktops

XGloss Collection

  • High resistance to impact and scratching.
  • UV stable & resistant to thermal shock
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • High chemical & stain resistance
  • Available in 1 thicknesses 20mm
  • Huge range of stunning designs
  • 10-year warranty
  • Large format up to 3200mm x 1440mm
  • Band 4

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