Curved Edge Worktops Spectra Scandinavian Oak

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Spectra Curved Edge kitchen Countertops

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Spectra Curved Edge Worksurface Scandinavian Oak

  • Modern Curved Edge Spectra Worktops.
  • Curved Edge Worktops available in a collection of 40 stunning décors
  • Scandinavian Oak Worktops available in practical sizes to keep both joints
    and wasteful offcuts to a minimum.
  • Curved Edge Breakfast bars Upstands and Splashbacks.
  • Spectra Curved Edge Worktops Scandinavian Oak can be cut and install on-site.
  • Worktop Cutting Service available.
  • Scandinavian Oak Spectra Curved Edge Worktops are resistant to water, steam and cooking stains.
  • Spectra Worktops made of durable hardwearing easy to clean materials.
  • Each worktop has its top, underside and all edges bonded with an identical decorative surface.

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Brand: Spectra

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Scandinavian Oak


Wood Texture


Postformed Laminate Worktops


10 year Limited Manufacturer’s Guarantee


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