Cabinet Carousel Set Slide Out Half Circle 900mm

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Carousel for 900mm kitchen Cupboard

For cabinet width 900 mm Hafele-logo

Product Code: CSSOHC900

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Carousel Set Half Circle Slide Out

Carousel shelf and fittings which allow the carousel to be
swivelled then further extended by using a slide system
Useful in any situation where the user has difficulty reaching into a cabinet
Cabinet Carousel Set Slide Out 900mm Is Unhanded
Spindle fitted to the cabinet at the top and base
Vertically adjustable from 645 to 790mm
Fast block fittings for an easy installation
Application Base unit with hinged door
Screw fixing
Suitable for General kitchen corner storage
Spindle length 645-790mm
Slide Out 900mm Cabinet Carousel Set  for corner cabinets
Load bearing capacity
Max. 9 kg per shelf
Material Steel wire

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 760 × 400 × 300 mm



Chrome plated

For cabinet width:

900mm Corner Cabinets




Slide Out Carousel Set


10 year Manufacturer’s Guarantee


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