Bi-Fold Lift Up Fitting Set


Bi-Fold Lift Up Fitting

For cabinet height 550 mm, 600/800 mm

Product Code 372.38.000


Lift Up Bi-folding hinges

Complete fitting set
Time saving installation provided by plugs, pre-mounted euro screws and clip fixing for front panel
For use in furniture in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and offices
Flap locks in any position (multi-position stop function)
Finger safe: To avoid injuries the hinge comes apart when fingers get trapped unintentionally in the gap of the flap
Assisted opening and soft closing
Min. 110° opening concealed hinges are required
For two-piece wooden flaps
Height and side adjustment ±3 mm, holding power, centre pull and opening angle adjustable
Adjustable fitting suitable for flap weights 2-20.3 kg
Guarantee 25 years
Fitting: Steel
Cover caps and brackets: Plastic
Hinges: Zinc alloy
Fitting: Nickel plated
Brackets: Grey
Hinges: Nickel plated

Additional information

Weight .5 kg



Guarantee 25 years


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