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Solid Surface Maia Kitchen Worktops

Maia-worktops-vulcano-island-300x194Maia acrylic worksurfaces are stylish and durable solid surface worktops from Sylmar. Due to Seamless joins and a silky smooth finish  maia’s designer worksurfaces make a luxurious addition to your home.  Maia Worktops are simple to plan and install. All so they are pre-edged and the surface is factory finished. Furthermore maia worktops are available in 15 stunning decors to complement any kitchen design.

Maia is made from the finest of materials, the high technology surface consists of acrylic resin, two thirds aluminium hydroxide and colour pigments. The properties of these components combine to form a versatile practical material, witch has the appearance of real stone but without the associated cost or inherent drawbacks. Maia’s surface has many benefits over stone such as its greater heat resistance, virtually inconspicuous joints, aesthetically appealing and smooth feel.

Maia sink modules complete the collection with either stainless steel sinks or white acrylic bowls.
Maia solid surfaces come with a ten-year guarantee, which is supported by the FIRA Gold Award for product excellence

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Showing all 15 results